What we are doing

We have defined a neighbourhood area for Rooley Moor by using most of the polling district where people are directed to Catley Lane Head polling station. By default this includes the open space, historical and heritage assets that are important to our community.

We have created a neighbourhood forum currently comprising of 35 members. There is no reason why more than one member from a household, business or councillor cannot be a member of the forum. Our forum members represent the diverse interests and backgrounds of the neighbourhood and are people who have volunteered to get involved. Therefore, our ward councillor, residents, business owners and regular visitors who use the areas facilities for riding, walking, etc. can be involved.

We have had our inaugural AGM where we agreed our constitution, appointed trustees, officers and committee members.

We have agreed to define a neighbourhood plan and make it happen.

We have completed an application that has been submitted to Rochdale Council and was approved to designate our neighbourhood area and forum.

We have registered our forum with the Charities Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).