Responsible Use Of The Moors

Our moorland under pressure from people with leisure and mobility as never before. Unfortunately, our moorland and the livelihoods of the commoners, the people who have a right of use, is being irreparably damaged by illegal use of vehicles (bikes, 4×4’s, etc.) on the moor. If you see any incident on the moor that you are concerned about it’s important to try and report it by calling the 101 phone number. Doing so ensures the incident is recorded, it generates a log and if a Police off road bike patrol is on duty they might be able to respond.

Cyclists, please note you should NOT cycle on footpaths and we respectfully ask you to stick to the designated cycle routes and bridleways.

Walking Trails

The Rooley Moor area is an ideal place to go for a walk, run, horse ride or mountain bike ride. Please keep checking as this part of the site is developed.

Audio history of the section of Rooley Moor Road known locally as the Cotton Famine Road.

Our thanks go to Mid Pennine Arts for permission to use the audio file.

Heritage Trail 1 – Catley Lane Head

Heritage Trail 2 – Greenbooth

Heritage Trail 3 – Healey Dell

Heritage Trail 4 – Prickshaw and Broadley Fold


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Please click here for more information about the History & Heritage of the area.

Rights of Way

There are over 11 miles of footpaths in our area

Nationally Renown Equestrian Routes

Part of The Mary Towneley Loop goes through our area

Cycle Routes

There are opportunities to link routes