Catley Lane Head Phone Box & Defibrillator – Survey Results
15th December 2016

Survey Results

There was an interesting response to the survey that resulted in a suggested change to the proposal, which was asked to be changed to the following:

Locating a defibrillator at the site of the phone box in Catley Lane Head

There was general support for the idea of the forum buying the phone box in Catley Lane Head. However, a number of valid concerns were raised about vandalism, maintenance and the liabilities of owning the phone box which our forum is not currently structured to take on, for example, the forum footing the cost of decommissioning the phone box due to vandalism.

We therefore suggest that the phone box is decommissioned so we can plan to make better use of the space it now occupies

The survey closed at 9am Monday 12th December 2016.

  • 40 forum members were asked to participate in the survey
  • 21 responded (52.5%) to the survey – There was 1 response by email (not included in the following statistic) that supported the idea
  • 76.19% of the 21 survey respondents supported the idea of using the phone box to house a defibrillator

A summary of the survey questions and comments can be provided if required.

Forum trustees have been consulted and asked to advise if they have a different view to what is being suggested.

We now await for feedback from one of our forum trustees to see if it is possible to acquire and install a defibrillator at the site of the phone box in Catley Lane Head.

We will provide an update as soon as it is available.