CPRE Update – January 2021
9th January 2021

Dear Rooley Moor Neighbourhood Forum

Even in dark times such as these, the countryside can lift our spirits.

While not all of us live with local access to the countryside, green space or gardens, there are many ways we can all try to connect with nature from home.

Even taking just a few minutes to appreciate nature’s small joys, wherever you can find them, can lift your spirits at times like these.

We’d love to know how you’re planning to stay connected with nature close to home. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or just reply to this email.

Read on for all the latest updates from us at CPRE, and how you can connect with the night sky from home.

Let’s count the stars

A dark starry sky is one of the most magical sights imaginable. But light pollution means that many of us can’t see the stars.

Our annual Star Count is back, and we’d like you to help us map of the nation’s view of the night sky – this year, from home.
It’s easy to be a part of Star Count: just look to the heavens between 6-14 February and count the number of stars you see in the constellation of Orion.

It’s a safe, outside activity to do as a family or household, from your home, garden, balcony or even bedroom window, and everyone can take part.

As we’re all asked to stay at home, please don’t travel to do a Star Count.
Sign up below to register your interest.

Campaign win on housing algorithm

After our pressure, the government’s housing algorithm, which could have caused needless loss of green space, has been revised to focus building more in cities and on previously-built-on land.

Building more affordable homes on so-called ‘brownfield’ land is something we‘ve long called for and is a win-win scenario for people and nature.

This is a victory for the countryside and a democratic planning system – and one that you have been part of. Thank you!
But we’re clear that the problems with the planning proposals run much deeper than the housing algorithm. We need a complete reboot to put people and nature at the heart of a new planning system.

Looking after winter wildlife

There might not be so many animals out and about to spot at this time of year but with little effort you can make it an easier season for them.

From the food birds most crave during the winter, to easy ways to make your garden more wildlife-friendly, here are our top tips for helping wildlife through the winter

The Countryside Voices podcast episode 5: What even is planning, anyway?

This time, we’re talking about something that affects us all: the planning system.

What is it, and why does it matter? We take a look at the power that the planning process gives us citizens to shape our local area – and the serious threat posed by the government’s damaging proposals for the planning system.

You’ll hear from Hugh Ellis, director of policy at the Town and Country Planning Association, Madeleine Gohin, planning officer at CPRE, and Naomi Luhde-Thompson, chief planner at Friends of the Earth.

Listen at the link below, or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Breaking down barriers to the great outdoors

Before this summer, Aisha Nazir Iqbal was far from an experienced hiker.

But now the optician and mum-of-three is a co-founder of the Manchester Nomads, a 15-strong Muslim women’s walking group.

Discover her story of helping her community discover the countryside, and how time spent outdoors has helped her to manage stress and practice mindfulness.

As always, thanks for everything you do to support the countryside, and stay safe.

Best wishes,

Calum McGregor
Digital Engagement Officer