HLF Project
9th December 2017

Call To Action

The good news is we’ve received our HLF grant into the RMNF bank account, and now we need to start the real work!  There are two things below that I’d like to know as soon as possible if you can get involved with:

  1. Heritage Trail: I thought it might be nice to try out a heritage trail over the Christmas break to help us with putting ours together.  We’ve got a few ideas of where to visit locally, and would welcome more ideas if you know of some.  We could car share to the start and possibly end up in a pub….. I was thinking of walking about 3 miles, so only an hour or two plus pub time.  Could you join us on any of the following dates…
    • Wednesday 27th December?
    • Thursday 28th December?
    • Friday 29th December?
  2. Research at Touchstones: Touchstones are happy to facilitate us reviewing the archives they hold on Rooley Moor, Greenbooth and Healey Dell.  We have to pay a fee, so I am keen that as many of us as possible can make the most of this opportunity.  The staff at Touchstones will gather relevant information for us and they will host a session on how to go about the research. We will be able to take copies of materials away with us.  I suggest we plan a half day on a Saturday in Jan or Feb.  Can you come?  And if so, when would suit you….
    • Saturday 13th Jan am or pm?
    • Saturday 27th Jan am?
    • Saturday 3rd Feb am or pm?

Please come back to me on both points as soon as possible so we can plan to make the most of these opportunities. We will choose the dates where most people are able to join us.

Do let me know if you have any queries.

Many thanks!


email: info@RMNF.org.uk