Off Road Watch

Illegal off road use is a growing problem in our area.

It’s important to try and report any incident you are concerned about by calling the 101 phone number. Doing so ensures the incident is recorded, it generates a log and if a Police off road bike patrol is on duty they might be able to respond.

That said, we are aware of issues with the 101 speed of service, and it’s possible a large number of incidents are not be being reported.

Please take the following steps to help us gather information so we can try and understand the size of this issue:

  1. Try and report any incident using the 101 phone number
  2. Send an email to: recording as much of the following information as possible:
    • Registrations of transporting vehicles, bikes, 4×4’s, etc.
    • Date and time seen
    • Where they have been seen (street name, road name, area, etc.)
    • Description of riders and drivers (clothing, wearing helmets, etc.)
    • Any photos (but please don’t put yourself at risk taking them)
    • Did you report to 101 (if yes, time taken)

If you use your phone for email set as a contact that can be easily found.

The Police are committed to resolving this issue through direct response and building an information database allowing them to identify how best to react.

All information received will be anonymous and after a couple of weeks we will let you know what information has been gathered and what we might be able to do with it.